Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 61: Pottery Field Trip and Knit Madness

Today, I showed up for my pottery class (I usually take Tuesday nights with Sandra-my-favorite-pottery-teacher, and found the late night class to be too hard on me so I switched to Wednesday mornings with Sandra-the-same-teacher-as-my-favorite-Tuesday-night-teacher) and they said, "Hey, we are going on a field trip to Northern Clay Center." To which I reply with enthusiasm SQUEEEL WITH JOY!  I am then completely worn out less than two hours into the field trip, but I wanted to share these two potters' work with the masses.  If you are potters or just love pottery, check out their sites!  Well worth the gander!

I am having problems uploading pictures tonight....something about having used up my allowed space????  I probably have to go in and re-size all my photos already in the blogs since January 1??  Okay today (March 3) I got one picture up, but I also have to wait 24 hours before the larger deleted photos are really off of my file and then I can replace them with these re-sized ones.  BAH!  Learn something new every day!  Okay, later same day, all pics are up! =)

Steven Rolf, River Falls, WI

So, my two web links are:
Steven Rolf's work at
Michael Wisner's work at

I saw a cake plate of Steven's that I would make cake every day just to use!  It looked and felt like wood, was light weight with substantial visual weight.....I love LOVE the flow of his pieces....but still pretty tight like I like it!

Michael's work on display at Norther Clay Center was closely related to those shown on his website.  All of those patterns are craziness with the geometry and the folding around shapes.  I just wanted to rub them like a worry stone!!!!!!

Baby Alpaca Fiber with this LOVELY string of copper sequins worked in.....I can't wait to finish it!
I also have an excellent photo of my knit-in-progress which I can't post either....but it is not 10:39 and I am way past negotiation phase with the techno-gods.  For now, just know it is cool, and yes, in progress as it will be for a while I think!


  1. Hey Jerri!
    Thank you on the lovely comment you left on my crochet necklaces! Glad to have you over!
    I would love to see the pottery and hope you'd be able to put the pictures up.

    Browsing through your blog I saw many interesting things, so I guess I'll be around for a while!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Thanks, Maya! I hope to hear from you lots! I think that we are much the same with creations and musings about life!

  3. Hey Mrs. Nedd! I was just at Northern Clay Center for my j-term class. Did they still have Roxanne Jackson's work up in the gallery? It is AMAZING. Also, did you see the clay chandelier? If not there are a few photos on my facebook.
    It's so fun to see all of your work! Hope all is well =)

  4. Hey, JoAnna! I missed the exhibit by a DAY! I will check out the photos on your facebook page for sure! Take care! I was just listening to the CD mix you made for me! It is a favorite!


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