Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85: Platters TRIMMED and Cord KNITTED

I finally trimmed the feet on my three platters from last week, and I think that I may have ignored the wishes of the very dry clay to be left plain for marvelous wax resist glazing....instead I tried to force adding textured tiles on top.  I am reasonably sure that they will pop off as they dry, and then were will I be?  I sprayed them down and wrapped them up, and then I will hope for the best.

I went to an open house at StevenBe's shop in Minneapolis today picking up the quick little "how to" on making t-shirts into a one strand yarn ball, and it was a better way than I had been doing with plastic to learn!  I then learned how to make this lovely knit cord, much like finger weaving of course, but more uniform and then possibly quite tight as the needle sizes are smaller as well.  I have some ideas for this, but since this is my first one, I have discovered that I have to keep working to get my variations to come to life.  So just call this one "home base."  Where can we go from here?

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