Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86: "The Snake Ate Something" Necklace

I finished off my knit cord thing and decided to try stuffing some wooden beads down in there, separating them with knots, and then figured it looks sort of like my knit snake ate something....interesting.  I am going to work with some smaller needles on the same idea and include other smaller things inside.  Wait and see!

It is pretty chunky, and with the right outfit, I think I would love it for a while and then tire of it....though I need to keep going with this idea to see it through some kinks and variations before passing permanent judgment.

If I come to one that I like well enough, I might try my hand at posting a tutorial.  Anyone interested?

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Also, today, my family scammed to plan a surprise party for me to celebrate my birthday....I was totally surprised although in retrospect I should have seen it coming.  Still, it was a great day with friends and family.  I was so involved in the company that I didn't take a single picture!  Strange!

Thanks, peeps!


  1. hiya , visiting form debbie doo's and am following you , love the necklace i have a similar tutorial coming up soon using lace , i love how it is another way to use beads tfs , i am going to have a look around your blog now x hope to see you at mine soon

  2. First of all Happy Birthday Jerri!! Isn't it great when family conspires in order to keep such celebration a secret?? Mine never manages to keep it a secret - they always have intelligence leaking at one point or another, poor things, but I play dumb :)-
    As for the necklace - It is fabulous! I love big, chunky, signature necklaces and this one really makes a statement!

  3. I wish you hadn't mentioned snakes! Is that finger knitting? IT IS REALLY CUTE.I am now following. Stop by and visit me.

  4. So glad you joined my and found my blog today. What a cute necklace that it. Thanks for joining in. Have fun. Hope to see you on a weekly basis for a while.

  5. Very cool. I love to see something different and this is wonderful. Hope you had a nice birthday celebration.


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