Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 78: Knit again, and right this time!

My color "something new" to learn
Okay, this is as far as I got today, but it is right finally, so that counts for something!  If you look at yesterday's post, you can see that you CAN'T SEE through the lacy part, but now you can!  Yeah for actually counting the pattern as you go to make sure that one mistake doesn't derail the entire piece.  Now that I think I have it under control, I will be able to take it with me places and make some real progress.  My daughter is at a sleep-over at a friend's house tonight, and Felix has a little friend sleeping over here tonight.  Somehow, I think that my two little boys (who are already in bed by the way) are a WAY better deal than the house of screaming pre-boy-crazy-but-still-crazy-enough third grad girls.....I love it!

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  1. Oh my!! You have been quite busy since my last visit!
    Love the knits and am eager to see it completed!


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