Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78: knit, unknit, reknit, unknit, knit, and unknit again

I spent the majority of the day knitting and absolutely nothing (except photos) to show for it. I knit, and then decided that the color change at the same time as the lacy part of the pattern didn't work. So I pulled it out, cast om again, this time with larger needles too, and went on my way. A few hours later I found a very large and unraveling error several rows in the past, and i back tracked again....losing about four inches progress. Now, as I was nearly done with my first ball of yarn, I realized that there were several errors along the lacy part of the pattern i ripped it all I am back to four balls of yarn....but i learned that counts for something, right? I will post pics to this entry tomorrow for now, I am going to watch a movie with my hubby....maybe even while holding hands instead of tending to my wretched knitting!
This is me smiling....BEFORE I ripped out knitting...
This is my knit before rip out #2

This is my messed up lacy pattern before the last rip out

This is my cat being a cat with my wretched knitting
This is my cat with my balls of yarn after all of the trauma of the night

 Photos added on Sunday, at 6 p.m. after a long day restoring our internet to working status!  Woooo!  Now I must craft for TODAY, and blog for TODAY=)


  1. I never did learn to knit, but really appreciate the beautiful things that my talented friends come up with. You sure do have some great projects posted and I'm looking forward to see more of what you create.

  2. Bless you one more time!!!!! When my "things" arrive in Brazil, I should get a picture of the blanket (king size) you knitted for us.......
    Dr Fang looks grat!
    Do hold hands!

  3. Well, don't you just hate it when that happens! In situations like that I wish to take the scissors and snip-snip-snip all of it!!! But that lasts for a second or two, I gather my shattered brains, correct the mistake and move on...
    There is a proverb saying that patience is salvation so I repeat that to myself while working, quite a lot!! :)


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