Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67: Braided Cords with BEADS!

My mom is here all week, and this is what we worked on today using the Japanese foam wheely thing (Kumihimo Braiding Disk...strange...it says made in China on the packaging).  We used packaged ribbon, seed beads (size 8) and thread for stringing the beads.  There are seemingly infinite variations and patterns that can be made using just the ribbon or yarn or string and then adding beads is a whole new thing.  I worked on ending these ends with caps and wire, but I am not convinced yet that this is THE WAY that I need to be doing it.  This one worked and is finished off in a neat and tidy way although I didn't add a clasp when making the rings....silly me.

This picture shows a little closer detail, but alas I seem to find the limitation in my camera showing these details without getting washed out in the flash.

This is my mom's project with solid beads and thread (no visible thread and no ribbon....very pretty, but LOTS OF BEADS and patience) but I thought the whole set-up with the rubber bobbins is pretty ingenious!

Below is my last picture for today....it is using leftover yarn from my sweater project yesterday.  I used another orange/copper looking ribbon fiber with it, but you can't see it at all in the braid as the yarn just sort of fluffs over the accented fiber.  I don't know quite yet what to do with this one as it is very thick and not quite long enough for neck use, but I learned a lot with it.  I will likely try a reverse one tomorrow with predominately ribbon fiber and just a couple of the yarn sections.  Still, pretty interesting work for a day!

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  1. Ooh, i like the beaded one! This looks like it could be interesting to do...i shall google it quick. :)


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