Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81: I think i helped my kids make "surprise" birthday gifts for me today

Tomorrow is my birthday....one of my thirty-somethings. I have crafts done today in addition to spending a large chunk of the day helping my kid with crafts that were very urgent and for an un-named special person. I love that they think this will still be a surprise! I also got nailed with a migraine this afternoon which I am hoping goes away now that I am going to sleep....it isn't full out and my meds got too it in time I think....we shall see if I still have it in the morning. I will post pictures tomorrow morning....I promise.

Photos added 3/23 at 8:15 a.m.
Family Sandwich....mom is the stuffing this time.....slightly squished stuffing.

Flat braid is flat....I don't like the color contrast....too busy, but I tried working the braid into Celtic knots for fun.....and it was fun.

Bubbly Nature

Here is the start of my woven rope bowl.  I used the leftover ball of rust yarn from the sweater (a few blog posts back) and just wrap around the rope, and then use a tapestry needle to jump a row toward the inside of the pattern to secure it.  I just kept going around until I ran out of rust yarn, then I switched to a small ball of leftover green ribbon fiber.....and did a free open pattern.

It is probably not surprising to know that even though I have lots of work spaces, I do most of my crafting on my bed (you will see a lot of pictures with my quilt as a back drop).  I just find that keeping my back rested involves me being in bed a lot....hence the crafts to keep my brain out of bed while my body is in bed.  I think my creative streak is a great coping mechanism!

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My finished bowl.....I love it!  More to come!


  1. What a pretty bowl. Very nice design. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Fabulous. This is something I've never tried to do. Great job.
    Happy Birthday and I hope your migraine is far away today.

  3. Wow, that bowl is so impressive! Thanks for linking to our YARN IT ALL party! :]

  4. What a cool bowl! I like the celtic knots you were tying above as well. Wish I knew how to do that.

    Thanks for linking!


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