Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65: MICE! and I knitted all day....

I had dreams of posting my knitting progress, but despite my best efforts, I am about 4 inches from finishing the whole project.  So you all can see it in its gloriousness tomorrow.  For today, the only other thing I accomplished (besides bed rest for screwing up my back with ambition) was making mice cookies (from the Martha Stewart Cookies app on my iPad) with my own two little mice.  If you look closely enough at the mice my kids made, you will see somewhat of a freak show....there are some with wings, almond spines like a dinosaur, and one poor unfortunate mouse has two heads and no rear end.....not good.  My little mice look pretty square in comparison....very square indeed.  The red tails are because I refuse to actually eat licorice flavored stuff.  Bleh!

These are the only allowed guests in my kitchen of the rodent type....all others better be prepared to deal with my very lazy cats......or me and my antiquated screaming and broom bashing....sorry.  I have two irrational fears....mice....and dentists.  The are irrational, I know.....but my childhood cat was a great mouser and used to try to train me by bringing half dead mice into my lap....or worse yet, bestowed upon my pillow while I was sleeping......thank you Sylvester....but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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