Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69: More Kumihimo

Felix started his first braid today and took to it quickly.  He is good with patterns even if not always the most patient with new things.  He got several inches done in a short time and begged to do it in bed after bed, no, you must sleep young one!  You can braid again tomorrow for sure!

I added a sterling end caps and a sterling magnet clasp to finish off my pearl seed bead monster cord from yesterday......I LOVE IT!  I will resist the urge to wear it to bed.

I am still smiling at the end of a long day....but barely.  I will do virtually nothing tomorrow....I can just FEEL it!  Okay, maybe I will finish of my other ideas for sure, and then rest.  I made a 30+ inch braid out of very thin yarn today, and I plan to have several loops together for a bracelet.  I will likely add other strands of beads to the cluster cuff too.  I just like the gold/silver/brass look of the string so will likely try to bring that out in any findings I add to it.  Check it out!  I love YARN!

yes, it took forever

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