Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82: Small Celtic Knot and Life Lists

It is small, and not so exciting, but I did take a little time out of my day to make something....sometimes that something is small....but I still MADE IT!  This is more Celtic Knot stuff with the flat braid I worked on.  I have some other knot ideas too that I hope to get to later this week?  We shall see.  Thanks for the birthday wishes today!  I have decided that I will list some things that I am proud of from my life so no particular order or ranking....I was going for 34 for each year that I am old, but I didn't get very far....I am gong to attribute it to lumping of things together under one number.  For example....teaching is really a huge one for me.  I had hundreds of "children" and I always felt like teaching music was teaching about how to live and love life.  So it turns out that at 10:30 at night on my birthday, all I have is a great list of happiness in my life, and the ability to see that blessings can't be counted like this.

1.  Children.....really this counts for numbers 1 and 2 right?
2.  See above
3.  Married to a wonderful man, Robert
4.  I play musical instruments well....oboe is my primary discipline....
5.  I taught music for more than 10 years
6.  I can make stuff.....pottery, jewelery, art, crafts, etc....
7.  I have a close relationship with my mother in specific and my family in general
8.  I adopt animals from the humane society.....
9.  I speak two languages....English and Portuguese (learning Portuguese as an adult too)
10.  I have close girl friends that are my sisters of choice
11.  I hate laundry, but I do it anyway because I love my family
12.  I feel relatively feels like a personality trait rather than a life choice, but I am still proud of being able to spill what I have inside without much regard for vulnerability
13.  I document our family life well through scrapbooking and journals
14.  I support my friends with everything I am and everything I have
15.  Perspective

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