Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63: Thrifty Glass Plates

 I bought these 8 glass plates (salad sized, not full sized) at Value Thrift for $0.69 each....and then used a 25% off coupon that my friend Kristin had for use on Thursdays.  They weren't nicked or scratched at all, and I added flowers (cut out on my CRICUT) to the bottom of each plate in a variety of blues patterns.  All of the papers were also double sided as I think the bottom should still be pretty.  I used my usual Diamond Glaze, and went to town!
 I decided that the flower wasn't enough on its own.  The papers on top were mostly subtle prints, so I added some glitter too.  YEAH!  GLITTER!

This is my son's bead sale that he set up in the basement this evening.  I bought a seed bead ring he made and a couple of other beads too.  He is too funny.  The store is now "clost" for the evening.

Here is a picture I took of a plate held up to the light on the ceiling fan....pretty interesting.  I might do something with that......things that make you go hmmmm......

I am also linking up here to feature creative blogs this weekend! The Girl Creative


  1. I love glass plates I have found some real gems at the thrift and garage sale.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Linda! I know your name from comments on the Whynot Pottery blog! Check out my pottery field trip post from a couple of days ago...i have some links to a couple of my favorite potters (besides Meredith, of course). I remember glass dishes and candy dishes of all colors at my great aunt Pearl's house! I am a relatively new fan of the thrift shop. I just had not been in one before.

  3. Love glass plates and finding them while thrifting. Thanks for your comments on my art piece. I get what you're saying about thirds and will remember that. Appreciate the feedback!


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