Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80: Knitting Deal and Flat Kumihimo Braid

 I was only going to knit today until I ran out of the first white ball of yarn....since it was the smallest.  It seemed like a reasonable and achievable goal.....and yet, I gave up at 10 p.m. and the silly little white ball of yarn simply WILL NOT END!  I think my gross underestimation came from running four balls of yarn at once!  Silly math!  Why on earth am I plagued by math issues on such a daily basis?

Good news flat braid is indeed flat now and not making a helix twist either....but it still doesn't match the pattern shown in the picture with the pattern.  It feels kind of like making cookies when you baked chocolate chip cookies and when you get them out of the oven and take a test bite, the cookies are oatmeal raisin instead.  How does this happen?



  1. This looks like an interesting gadget to play with! :) What do you do with these braids once they're done?

  2. Hey, they do look like funny contraptions don't they? I use them for can enter Kumihimo in my search box and check out the round, flat, thin, thick, beaded variations! I did quite a few! Totally fun!

  3. Tnx! :) You mentioned curtain tie backs as well - i think that'd be great to make some of those! :)

  4. The Secret of a Flat Braid.
    Just found your blog, Jerri and am so pleased to see you using my book and also doing your own thing with Kumihimo. The Silver threads in "Stunner" are double the thickness of the Black. I've done it in several different types of thread and it comes out flat. From your picture it looks like you've used different thicknesses of thread on each bobbin? But the braid itself looks fine. Are you holding the braid under the disk rather than holding the disk during braiding? That's the secret to a Flat Braid.


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