Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74: crochet day....

I didn't take a picture today as i just added length on the pretty crochet from yesterday. I would like to use up the rest of the yarn ball with this idea rather than leaving a little nub of scrap yarn....so I either need to keep going with length or make a little headband....it is a nice sized project to learn something new, internalize the pattern, and go on auto pilot for some brain veg time. I had an overly emotional day, and sometimes it is just nice to lose oneself in texture and repetition.

Today I really missed my former students. They returned from a music tour to Chicago and I was intensely jealous of those that got to go with them. There isn't a day that has gone by that i have regretted the decision to be home, but I miss the children I have been raising for the past 1-6 years. It already seems like a lifetime ago...

I will try to write out the quick pattern I am using soonish....for those that crochet but need something to follow.....If you do crochet today, say a prayer for me for a row or two or ten. Everyone needs prayers and crochet love


  1. My dearest friend, The lovely children you raised for the last 1-6 years miss you and love you, too. You are correct to trust the rightness of your decision to be home, and also to honor the path you will not be traveling this time around - not with regret but with the knowledge that you have started so many children on musical paths of their own. Jake just returned from the Norseman Band tour at St. Olaf and Sam auditions for All-State Band today. Be proud! Love you tons, my dear. Kristin


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