Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75: Platters, Crochet, and KNIT, oh my

L-R: ME, Amy's INK, Annie Young, and Amy Vasterling
Here is a quick picture from yesterday (since I was lame and didn't post any....booooo).  I went with artist friends Amy Vasterling and Annie Young to a show for the Burnsville Visual Arts Society.  We took a quick pic in front of Amy's ink piece as per instructions to be posted on her blog at  It was a nice day out with creative types.....good to get out of the house and out of my own world sometimes.

 I went to my pottery class today and threw THREE platters!  I haven't thrown platters of any size in more than a three 15"+ platters is a big deal in my world!  I even was able to be up and about the rest of the day too.  YEAH FOR CLAY!

make it wear it
I finished my length of crochet for a scarf/headband/feminine tie last night here are the pictures....I love how it turned out.  I still need to write out the pattern....yes, Jerri, do it before you forget it!

I wore it to knitting class tonight and I wasn't five seconds in the door before the "Glitter Knitter" himself was checking it out!  I needed the ego boost for sure!  I started a second one already today as I MUST USE THE END OF THAT BALL OF YARN ALL UP!

I did learn how to run several different colors of yarn at the same time for a project that I am starting....but really, I may have once again misjudged what my super-craft powers are really able to do....yikes!  Not bad for an hour's work, right?  I have promised myself that I will not go to sleep tonight until it is orderly and ready to go again.

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  1. Look at the prolificness!!!! Great platters lady! Love the neck tie with the white. Hey, I think you left a crochet hook at mi casa! Anytime you want you can bring over grain free, sugar free cupcakes to my house. :)


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