Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87: More Knitted iCord, and I HAVE FOUND MY MARBLES!

I got double ended knitting needles in a smaller size as the big honkers I had were what I used on yesterday's project, and the cord I could make had holes that were too big for the clear glass marbles.  These samples were used from the end of ribbon scraps that weren't long enough to make Kumihimo braids or were leftover from pouches or other random projects.  I am now completely out of the soft pink cotton/ribbon/shiny blend which in part went into the length.  I was happy it could be a long single, a dramatic double, or a playful triple round necklace.  I like the shorter necklaces myself but am always pleased to have options even if I always choose short.  The rainbow colored one was with size 10 needles and 5 stitches cast on.  The pink one was made with size 10 needles and 4 stitches on.  I liked the tighter fit around the marbles as it appeared to have more definition and I didn't need to tie knots in the cord to see the marbles within.  I think this is pretty cool!  I will work on a tutorial for making the iCord.  I am learning to do video stuff with blogs, so mayhaps I will attempt that!  Until then, hold on to your marbles!

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  1. Lucky me, I get to be the first to say it! I am happy you found your marbles.....marbles are important in so many ways. Great product Jerri! These are reallllllly funky cooool. Show Steven B next time you see him wear them. I might head out to the crack garage for some supplies for a sweater for Peter.


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