Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73: Egg Carton Jewelery Divider and CROCHET

Here is the inside shot of my egg carton jewelery can see that the posts in the middle are tall for rings (that is why I buy the "fancy" eggs.....JK....I open them, see that none are broken, and if it happens to have tall ring-worthy dividers, then so much better!).  I painted the inside black (the picture of the outside was on yesterday's post) and I even threw some stray beads in the bottom of each egg spot and covered with diamond glaze.  It isn't really a design element.  I just like the little unexpected surprise.  It adds a little strength to the bottom of what is really just thick paper.

This is what took FOREVER to dry.....and the photo makes it look foggy, but really it is clear with a pile of spilled and unsorted beads from past projects.  A little bit of color.  I would probably put brighter colors in if I had choices next time.

If I were to stack the necklaces on top, I could wrap the whole carton with a ribbon and take it with me on travels.  My daughter might need one of these for here "dress up" stuff so that she could take it with her on sleep overs.  I remember some intense evenings of dress up at my friend Tristan's house.  Mostly that involved the plastic eggs that used to have panty hose in them.....another story for another day.

I have been working with a loverly ball of yarn today to make a thin scarf just for show and not really for warmth.  I have some length to add for sure, but I love the pattern.  I revised it from a blanket I made years ago....but with thin beautiful yarn and a tiny needle, it is really quite delicate.  Pretty pretty crochet!
I may have to add some beads too.....I may not be able to resist.  The yarn is so pretty all by itself though!

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