Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 103: Knit, about to be ripped out

Today, I popped out a fresh ball of yarn and a new pattern out of my knit book and attempted cables, or rather, one pattern with a certain cable pattern in it....and I thought I was all that AND a bag of chips, when I looked down and then I SAW IT!  Or rather, I didn't see it where I was supposed to see here is a picture of the correct section to prove that I knit something (or the start of something) today, but it will shortly be ripped out as missing this one cross over does indeed ruin the entire pattern.  My hubby did have to have it directly pointed out to him, true story.  AND on the wall down at StevenBe's very cool knit shop is posted a saying, "We don't do mistakes, only VARIATIONS"....I must sadly rip it out and get it right so that I learn while doing so.  Another day, I will make my own variations on my own patterns to my own sure of that!  But now, I am a slave to my pattern, and obey I must!  So rip out rip out rip out.  Start fresh, and LEARN!
Also, my day was made by three lovely people who commented on my blog, but aren't on google at all, so I couldn't comment them back or visit their blogs or see what creative juicies they had brought into the for now, I will just have to thank the mysterious Brenda and the mysterious Tara for their comments!  Are these two lovelies by any chance lovelies that I know in person?  If so, I would LOVE to know that I know such lovelies in real life as well as blogspace!  As for the third lovely, she commented to give me the secret to the flat braid from the book she wrote!  That is beyond funny....I will try the secret immediately (after ripping out my knittin', of course!).

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