Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 111: Project KNIT done....and on to other project KNITS

Detail pic of the crochet scallops
 I am finally done with my major knitting project of the last several days!  It has some major variations from the pattern.  I didn't seam it up as far as the pattern details thus giving the neckline a more cowl-like shape.  I also edged the neckline and the seam up the shoulder with a simple crochet scallop which I love!  If you look closely at the pictures, you will see markers reminding me of error sections yet to be cleverly disguised.  Now that I have finished this project, I can finally start preparing for my class that is about a week away.  10" knit squares on the way!  I must finish one almost every day, so look forward to yummy knit variations over the next week!
Bubbly Nature

Here are the two views.  Front and back are different, and it could be worn with the "side" as the new "front" as well.  There are no rules with this one.  It is light weight and very airy!  Love it for those slightly brisk Minnesota Spring days that we have been having.

I also made a massive (massive by my standards) batch of soap today.  I made a six pound batch of tea infused soap (using tea instead of straight water in the lye solution) and a two pound batch of my plain standard recipe.  Once I poured an even layer on the bottom of both molds with the tea infusion soap, I poured a layer of the basic plain recipe on top, leaving about half of the plain batch in reserve.  I added an essential oil that is reputed to help with inflamed skin and also some red colorant (which made the basic recipe appear more orange than usual, but hardly "red").  I then layered that on top of both molds.  I swirled one mold together lightly with a spatula, and the other I left layered only.  No exfoliating materials were added at all!  I can't wait to cut these and check out my first attempt at swirling!  Alas, I MUST wait....a couple of days at least!  Bah!  I am no good at patience.

As promised, here are some quick glimpses at goodies I picked up from the craft show this weekend.

 Here is a leather cuff that I spied and adored made by Mike Barnes at www.mwbarnes.com.
 As the card says, these earrings are part of The Erica Zap Collection.  You can check out her website at www.ericazap.com.  I know these are made by a gadget for uniformity in wire weave, but her designs are really cool.
This was probably my favorite find....from Nature's Creations at www.leafpin.com and it involved putting real leaves into a metal bath and coating them with metal. My beauty was put in a copper bath....so awesome!


  1. Love the shawl. It turned out great! And it looks like you enjoyed the craft show. Congrats.

  2. Fabulous job on your knitting project! I love the crochet scallop - so unique. I am also very impressed with your soap making skills. Thanks for the suggestion re e-cloths for the cleaning of my windows. I managed to source a supplier and have placed an order. Can't wait for them to arrive - will revolutionize my window cleaning tasks! ;)Sharyne

  3. Ooooh, that shawl is gorgeous. I love the asymmetry and the colours are beautiful. Wow.


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