Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 98: Knit Bear and Can of Craft

Today I worked on another knit square from my pattern book, and this time it starts with three cast on and adds one stitch on each end every two rows to the full diagonal and then decreases two stitches on the end of every two rows.  It was a hideously easy pattern and the most addictive thus far.  On the way down from the full diagonal, I just kept thinking, "one more row, just one more row."  Because every two rows I was decreasing and the rows were going faster and faster.  My son has a t-shirt that says "Just ONE MORE LEVEL" and refers to his (and my hubby's) fascination with video games....and now I get it.....just one more row and I'll.....

So upon finishing my square, I set out to make a monkey since there is no monkey in my pattern book.  I folded it all up about twenty different ways, made a little crochet snout and ears, and in the end, it looked like a bear, so I gave it a little nubby bear tail too.  It was really too cute to be irritated with its lack of monkey attitude! I linked my bear up to a party HERE!


I must really stop making things out of my 10' squares or I won't have anything prepared for the class....I just DON"T DO WAITING WHEN I AM EXCITED!  Plus I don't sit still well, so I knit, or glue, or scrap, or....

Here is my latest up-cycled ditty....I call it.....dramatic pause.... " CAN.....WITH PLASTIC LID."  Not to be confused with.....dramatic pause....."APPLESAUCE JAR......GLASS."
 This here is cool COOOOOL paper with some MODGE on the scene!  I love the greens and orange together.....I think I remember something about opposites on a color wheel?
Then I attached some shiny on top to detract from the otherwise plastic lame lid.  And on with a flower that I have had in a pile made from scraps toward the start of my 365-day project.

Oh, and BTW: My gooey project from yesterday's blog post DIDN"T WORK AT ALL!  I will try again, and blog when it works, but I thought you should all know that I am far from having all of my projects coming up roses!  Good thing I put that on the back of my cutting mat as I think the gooey thing will be permanent!  Ooops.

For those of you who are new to the blog, WELCOME!  I am excited to report much improved readership, and I of course, have only readers to thank (esp since my blog hits no longer count hits from my own computers.....booo).  Maybe I should do something to honor the first time I actually hit 100 hits in ONE day.  OR maybe I should do something extra-special on my 100th day of blogging.....just TWO DAYS FROM NOW!  Be sure to tune back in on Friday for some serious bonus action!

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  1. Cute bear! :) I'm still trying to figure out how you folded it from that square, haha.

    Wow, i haven't knitted since....i dunno when last! Probably when i was in primary school when we used to have a subject called "basic technique" and they made us knit something. Sometimes i think it would be fun to do it again...although the only thing i would care to knit are scarves or square things - easy shapes, hehe.

    I think i should ask my gran to teach me how to knit again. :D

    As for your can, it's nice! I like the paper too - i don't know what to do with those lids either - i just decorated a can a short while ago too (just a few blog posts back on my blog), also with green paper and a flower. :D

    Tnx for stopping by to link this up to Who Made What? Weekends! :)


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