Monday, April 25, 2011

Days 116-117: Easter Knitting and Monday Beading

Although I didn't post yesterday in observance of Easter and time with family and friends we choose as our family, I did knit....I know, big surprise.  I have been working on squares for the upcoming week of knitting classes, and I have now done extras....just in case.  So here are my two latest squares worked over the course of the last two days.  The wool is a very thick lovely that was on sale at The Yarn Garage and I knit it with a pretty ribbon skein to give it some personality.  I went back to a favorite block pattern from the book working the square along the diagonal with increases and then decreases.  I love this look!

My mom was in town for Easter weekend and thus, beading was on the agenda.  She taught me how to make this quick little beaded pendant with crystal bi-cones on a right angle weave beaded base.  Quick and lovely!  I will likely make a pair of earrings to go with it soon!

I love linking to Debbie's Newbie Party on Mondays!  It is just a really nice way to meet other new bloggers instead of getting lost in the land of blogs that are in the thousands of followers and have a bazillion sponsors just lets me read and share with other simple blogs.  I lover it!


  1. Gorgeous Pendant. THanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  2. That wool looks gorgeous - the colour and the texture. I'm so impressed with your knitting. It looks very neat!

    And I love your pendant too. So pretty!


  3. Beautiful pendant. Also the knit,just lovely!


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