Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 104: Mishmash....really I just don't want to do laundry

I worked on a lot of ideas that have been boppin' around in the noggin for a while.  I did some layered paper work in my altered book (pictured to the left) using some layering of commercialized scrapping stamps and some of my own drawing and freehand work.  Gosh, I just love that tissue paper with keys on it I got stuffed in a purse I received as a birthday gift.  I have been using it a lot in my layering lately.  My heron image is not immediately evident, but that is part of the fun of spotting wildlife.

I made some quick cards today as well as some glass tile pendants using the paper I made a few posts back.  I think the end result is well worth the hassle of making layered art paper.  I want to save my scrap paper batch for a while longer between projects so that I can make several pieces of paper at a time.  The mess is fun, but it is a really big mess.  I soak the paper in water since most of what I use for scrapping is card stock or double sided.  Then after slathering with goo (PPA-Perfect Paper Adhesive Matte Finish), it takes forever to dry out.  Very GOOOOOEY!
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Some "Just Because" Cards Using Made Art Paper
I used Diamond Glaze to adhere/protect the art paper on the back of these glass tiles to make pendants and pins.  These are my favorite glass tile pendants that I have made and it is TOTALLY because of the paper!  Feedback on these?  What do you think?

I picked up a very discounted tool with a coupon promotion thing at Michael's. I got a Martha Stewart punch that can be used anywhere on a piece of paper. I often make layouts with squares all over it, and this allows me to frame up several pictures of the same size very quickly. The top and bottom attache with a magnet, allowing you to move it anywhere on a large piece of paper instead of being limited to an edge. LOVE IT! It is my new FAVORITE tool! Martha Stewert has circles and squares with straight sides too, but I figured I figured I could replicate either of those pretty easily with tools I already have....so scalloped edges for me! I used this lovely tool to frame up smaller parts of wildlife and scenery photos that I just didn't need full 4by6 sized images. It made for a nice border and accent to the larger photos of my people!

A view from the bottom of the tool.
Two of the pages I did today of a trip last summer


  1. LOL! I never want to do laundry...Scrap pages look great

  2. Loving the glass tile pendants!


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