Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 100 HAS ARRIVED! Only 265 left to go....

The most important thing of this, the 100th day of my 365 project, is none other than the happening known as....
WACKY HAIR DAY!  We almost missed the bus due to preparations for this amazing event =)

The second thing that commemorates that it is indeed a special day......

yes, my new paper released from the parchment paper with very minimal raggedness.  Next time I will try using wax paper instead of parchment.  I like that there is a fair amount of negative space.  The light comes through it and the layering is fairly evident.  One step in the right direction on this idea....good.

Today, I worked on the start of an altered book/art journal.  I started cutting some pages with a knife of the utility variety.  I used a gardening book that doesn't work for this temperature zone at all, and the info in it is so vague as to be of no use.  The pictures are nice though, so there are sections that won't get covered with paint or other paper or printing ink or whatever I decide needs to go in my special book.

Here are the starting photos.  It was pretty fun starting this idea.  I have never done it before....Geronimo!

I had thought I would do something really special today, since it is day 100....but in the end, it seems just like every other day.  My daughter has a friend sleeping over.  We have friends coming for dinner tomorrow as well as swimming lessons.  I am ready to go to bed this very second. 

I thought I might do one of those drives with a giveaway to promote people to follow my blog, but in the end, I think I will just reward the ones that already, as of the second I am writing this, I have 33 followers.  If those 33 (excluding family....sorry, guys, but you already end up with houses full of my creations, right???  I love you!) email me a snail mail address, I will send you a small treasure!  You have one week to send me the email and claim your prize/reward/insignificant trifle made with love by my own two hands.....just to say thanks for supporting me in this project!  I appreciate it....A LOT!  email: until Wednesday, April 13, 2011!

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  1. Your creations (including the kids) are amazing!
    Love you.....


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