Monday, May 2, 2011

Fiber Fest 2011 SWAG BAG

This doesn't count as a creation post, but I just had to share!  When I signed up for the full weekend of classes at Fiber Fest 2011 hosted by Steven Berg at his shops in Minneapolis and Rosemount, I was treated to a full weekend of parties, events, classes, and fiber inspiration......I ALSO GOT A TON OF FREE STUFF!

On Thursday night, I won a door prize drawing for a cool pattern packet with yarn.....WOW!

Okay, that was cool, but at the end of the whole thing, I was one of many people to get a SWAG BAG FULL OF GOODIES!

Knitting stuff

Look at all this little stuff!  Does anyone know what those little red things that look like Nibs candy?  Needle stops or holders or something of that nature?  I haven't asked and I have no clue!
Yummy yarn

ribbony yarn and sequins to run too!

lots of balls of same yarn

small random ball of yarn...

Note cards with yummy fiber pics on the fronts

Giant needles, the better to knit you with, my dear

Hermosa Bag....jammed with all of the stuff from this post

Look at all of these kits with yarn and patterns!!!!!!
Thanks StevenBe and Yarn Garage!  This was way cool!


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