Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 122: Last Day of Fiber Fest 2011

I really had the BEST day today.  I had a long class with knitting Goddess Nicky Epstein!  I learned a TON!  Her class was a smish-smash of block constructions to make garments rather than "just blankets" and a drive-by knitting on embellishment which BLEW MY MIND!  I bought a bunch of books which I will lust over in the coming weeks as I hone my skills on more modest enterprises before picking a favorite place to start!  Really, after an entire day of knitting goodness, I went over to StevenBe's shop in Minneapolis for more festivities!  I was in knitting pose for the greater part of 12 hours.....and yes, my back will pay the price over the next several days!  Worth every penny and every second and what the hey!!!!!  I can just sit in bed for a couple days, read, knit, blog and recover!

I hooked together my four homework blocks made from leftover bamboo yarn....and I added a crochet edge and a knit flower embellishment which was sooooooo easy!  And here is my product for SUNDAY, DAY 122!  It can be worn with a nice wide neck and a lot of symmetry, points on the sides or points in the center, or a-symmetry seems to be the rage now....whatever.  I like the product and I loved learning!  So I win!

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