Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 126: HATS

a little interest in the cables on top...
Last night after blogging, I knit my first hat (for Hubby) and it was a simple ribbed skull cap type thing.  It took me a little under two hours and a little over one ball of yarn.  I was proud that it fit him, and is so soft. I actually wore it much of the day today as I wasn't feeling kept my head cozy while I knit a coordinating hat for myself.  I stuck the rose pin I made yesterday on there, but really, I have a cable thing to add to mine.  No more for tonight though....just sleeps.

I went to a wonderful concert tonight to visit my former band students.  It was really heart warming and heart wrenching all at the same time.  Many of those kids I have had since my very first hour on the job.  I love watching kids grow up.  High school is such an important time in their moral, spiritual, soulful development.  I have really been blessed to take part in their journeys, and I have loved having them on mine.

 Making my hat took much longer since the ribbing went around my skull instead of up to the crown.  There isn't as much stretch in mine.  The bottom edge rolls a little too.

This one took lots more time and nearly three times as much yarn.  It was still interesting to work on.

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