Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144: This and That

I did a little of this and that today.  I made tags for my knits, including swatches of the yarns I used and the labels from the yarns too.  Then I felt free to use up the ends of the yarns for experimenting with flowers and ruffles  I knit the pink and light green ones  and crocheted the three little flowers in the top right corner of the pictures.  I don't know what I am going to use any of them for yet, but that doesn't keep me from making them =)

 I also reworked a little turtle neck I made while at my mom's place.  I misjudged the size originally and couldn't get it over my head.  So I sat on the idea for more than a week now, and I then felted it a bit, cut (YES, YIKES, WITH SCISSORS) and then bound the edge with crocheted ribbon.  I can now get it over my head.  I just fold the corners in and it looks really cute.   I used a "Magic Ball" made by Be Sweet.  Love those colors! 

I popped into a garage sale, and I found these treasures.  Lots of ear bobs (that is what my mom calls those clip on earrings)!  I plan to rework them into buttons and other embellishments.  I put them in the tumbler for a quick cleaning, and they are totally cute.  I threw one into my red flower right away!

This one is my favorite!  I saw this cute little pin!  AND IT OPENS!  Hooray!

Linking up to party with Kim over at Savvy Southern Style on her Wow Us Wednesdays post!  Thanks Kim for hosting one of my favorite week day parties!  There are always a ton of projects and cool ideas there!

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