Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143: Solid Sterling Bands

I had a DR appointment today, and despite the impending muscle spasms, I am really in a good mood today!  I checked a ton of piddly errands off my list, and I spent some afternoon time working on textured sterling silver rings.  Polishing still proves to be challenging for me, but these shine okay.  I made a few errors which I will refrain from pointing out =)  Otherwise I will just say that it is really really REALLY tough to get photos of shiny stuff!

Share your thoughts anyone???  I flattened little sterling balls and added them to the tops of the a stone or design, but just small little textures to give a focal point.

Now I know I was never destined to be a hand model!


  1. When do you start designing for Silpada, hmmmm?

    Honey, these are sweet looking rings.

  2. Your bling is great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog:)

  3. they are great! I love shinny- just ask my kids!


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