Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125: Hooded Scarf DONE...also Yarn Scraps Turned to FLOWERS!

 I am done with the finishing touches for my hooded scarf.  I added the luxury of a layer of fuzzy around the front edge of the hood....GREAT for just feeling good and warm and fuzzy all over.  I admit it.  When I finished my fuzzy additions, I wore it....sitting on my bed....covered also in my great gran's crochet blanket....working on my flowers to finish off my stash of spare ribbon used on this project.  Yes.  It is officially Spring in Minnesota.  And YES, it is over 60 degrees outside with the beautiful sun shining.  And YES, I am sitting inside with a LINED, HEAVY WOOL KNIT, FUZZY, WONDERFULLY LUXURIOUS HOODED SCARF!  And, YES!  I love every second of it!

As I put it on, I found that the scarf ends could be wound up around my neck for further comfort or they could rest on the front with the neck closed with my rose pin, or they could rest along my arms and be gathered at the bottom to make sleeves.  So, I added buttons and loops so that I could clasp the scarf ends together to make a cuff.  They are not easy to fasten with one hand, but if I fasten them before putting on the hooded contraption, then they work well.

I used the tail end of my ribbon leftovers to make a knit flower that I attached to a pin.  Originally, I thought I might sew it on to the lapel area of the hooded contraption, but I figured if I put it on a pin, then I could use it on other things as well.  On this scarf, I used it to gather up the hood around my neck like a closure.

I learned to make this flower in the Nicky Epstein class this past weekend!  Thanks, Nicky!  I have many little balls of almost finished yarn that have this to look forward to.

 I secured the pin onto the flower using the same ribbon yarn and it blends right in looking clean and finished.  No "threads" showing or hot glue to hide.
I put a few beads in the center just to give it a little hidden, detailed interest.  The ribbon yarn itself is so decorative that the beads weren't really needed, but who am I to leave off the bling when I have it on hand?

Yes, now off to other projects.....what shall I do now?  Only time and the blog will tell!  Stay tuned, friends!  I love sharing my journey with you!

This one is my favorite picture from just shows very plainly and honestly how I feel today.  Warm, fuzzy, surrounded, and comforted....I know being home right now is a great place for me to be.  I can explore the meanderings of my mind, and even though I have had many reminders lately of another path that I could be on.......I took this one, and it makes me this.


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