Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124: Hooded Scarf Progress

I finished knitting my hooded scarf today and I am really pleased with how it turned out!  I decided to line it as well and picked up some nice flannel cotton fabric for the inside in a grayish blue color.  I am sewing the lining in by hand and it is taking forever!  I finally gave it up for the day after more than two hours of hand sewing that yielded less than half-way completion.  I have some embellishments planned too, and I just have to keep after it until every last shred of my vision for this project is realized (yes, I know it is a hooded scarf and not the plan to economic recovery).

 Here is the completed length.....about 36 inches long.  The ribbon texture is randomly run in with the gray wool yarn that was yummy in both texture and on-sale price reduction.  The ribbon just adds some color and life to what would otherwise be worn in a drab month of many in a Minnesota winter.

I promise to finish this tomorrow so I can stop boring the reading public with my blow by blow progress on this slow project.

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  1. I love the edging and with the lining it looks so prefessionally made!!


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