Sunday, May 8, 2011

Days 127 and 128: Weird Frog and New Knitting Pattern

Yesterday, while out on the back patio, a frog presented himself (or herself) perched here on the top of the back of a chair.  He/she was very pale, and I would have missed him/her entirely had he/she not been pointed out to me.  I promptly took his/her picture, and placed him/her temporarily inside a cleaned peanut butter jar until proper examination by curious young minds could ensue....then he/she was released to go hippity-hoppity into the wild once again.  What a great day to be outside!

I started a new pattern yesterday and found myself in some sort of time warp.  I have been knitting like a fool, and yet, I haven't finished even one skein of yarn in almost two days of concentrated effort.  I have two skeins of this blended, self-striping yarn and I have vowed to use every last inch of it on this "cross roads" scarf.  I altered it some to make it narrower and still get the feel from the pattern while being a quicker knit....and yet, here I still am with many more hours in front of me.  I am many rows from completing the first skein, so I am not yet half way done.

I hope all you mothers out there had a great day!  My kidlets smothered me with love and kisses all day!


  1. Cute frog!! Loving the needles too!

  2. I came across this type of lovely wool only a couple of weeks ago. How funny to see it here too. Isn't it clever? Like magic!!

    And what a very handsome frog you found. Did the enquiring minds like the frog???


  3. Yeah, those needles were a gift from my daughter for my b-day....cute aren't they? And oh so appropriate for mothers' day!

    And you bet, Sarah! You gotta know the minds were jazzed over my strange little amphibious find! Why the color do you thinK?


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