Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 124: Edges that are cool

Here is a little pic to show all of the blogosphere the pretty edge I finished on one side of my current project.....perhaps, it will be revealed in its entirety tomorrow????

I think I would like to line the inside of this with fabric and add some closures and embellishments.  I didn't get this edging directly out of a book by Nicky Epstein (although I wouldn't be surprised to find this in a book....pretty simplistic for her though) but being in this class over the weekend as well as pawing/drooling over some edging books has led me to be more intentional about my own finishing ideas.

Here are a few more pics from the weekend.  I feel really lucky at this point to be in an area with such lavish yarn/fiber/artistic options and inspiration readily available.  Check out the shop pictures from StevenBe's shop in Minneapolis!  I am feeling REALLY spoiled/blessed!

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  1. Thanks for the blog visit and kind comment! I love the edging you've created. That's one skill I don't have :)


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