Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145: Knitting some, in bed lots, bad tv? Yes plz!

Today I didn't really have anything pressing to get me moving. I have been tired, and for some reason, I thought it a good plan to volunteer to help the artist partnership week in my daughter's class. They were making copper wire sculptures that were then wrapped with dried strips of stretchy paint. Strange to say, but very cool in actuality. I should take picture when I go in tomorrow as I am just not explaining it well.

I have been working on another knitted scarf like my last one, same pattern and everything, but in an off white cotton and smaller needles. The pattern is less loopy, obviously, and it is quite nice to be able to see the pattern well.  This color is "ecru." (be sure to wrinkle your nose up a little while saying the word "ecru" otherwise it is entirely a different color....."ecru" is off white with attitude!)

I also knit a headband that covers a plain plastic headband form. That was a quick project, and I am ashamed to say that I opt to go to bed now instead of waiting for my camera battery to recharge. Pictures will be added to this post early tomorrow!

Okay, late today!  I forgot to actually put the camera battery on to charge until I was ready to post tonight....then I had to wait!  Silly me!  Pictures added Thursday, May 26, at "Late" p.m.

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