Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130: Genuinely despising knitting today

I know, I know.  It is not nice to say, but I am genuinely not enjoying the current knitting project.  I am into my second (and last) skein of yarn on the "cross roads" scarf, and I just can't seem to enjoy it.  I am bored to tears, and I have been locked into this section of oranges forever now....so not even the gentle change of the yarn is entertaining me.  The yarn blends, and I thought that was cool to start, but as I work with this particular yarn, I am realizing that the predominant color scheme is green and orange.  Now, I am PRO green and orange, so it would seem that this should be a plus, but the green and orange are separated by pink and blue hughes.  The colors just sort of clash as they go.....am I alone on this one?  What do you think?  I am not sure that it is really fair to ask as my flash makes all of the colors seem extra vibrant.  I will ask again when I finally finish it.  This is the part where creativity can be a discipline.  It is taking everything in my will to keep from throwing the whole thing away and pretending it never happened.  Extreme, I think....but how I am feeling today.

Here are some little pink, crochet blossoms made out of Be Sweet t-shirt yarn.  I need some more of them before I pile them onto something and call it an actual project.

Not my most inspired day.....when my kiddos left for school, I just went back to bed and stayed there for way longer than socially acceptable.  It isn't late now, and I am ready to return to bed and call it a night.  Maybe a few more rows of wretched scarf before I actually zzzzzzzz.

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  1. So pretty! I love the basketweave design you're going with on the scarf. I knit a basketweave blanket for SB when he was still in utero, and I remember how relaxing the pattern was. Love the little crocheted blossoms! Can't wait to see what you do with them.


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