Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 150: Cotton Scarf Finished with FRINGE!

I finished my "ecru" cotton scarf and added fringe along the ends.  I had about 3 inches of leftover yarn when I was done!  I couldn't have made even one more row and still had enough for fringe on both sides.  Luck was on my side!  Somehow my brain thought it would be a lot longer than the green scarf that I did out of the same single skein of yarn as this one is so much thinner....however I didn't really think about the fact that it had the same number of stitches across and was worked much more tightly with a smaller needle.  Knitting math always seems to escape me!


  1. where does that time go-playing catch up- love the ring and the buttons-Smart move let me know if that works.
    9-mine is 33.....of course I tell everyone I was 12 when she was born!
    Was the ring from a premade bevel(sp) or did you do it all from scratch?

  2. Mer, Yep, those bezels are all made from scratch. I started out with flat sheets of silver for the backing (under the stone) and flat lengths of silver about 1/8th inch tall (for making the bezel). I fit the length of bezel to the stone, cut it, solder it shut, and then reshape it. When the shape is right and everything fits, then I solder it to the base piece of silver and then add the wires for the three ring band. lots of shaping, soldering, filing and such in between each step, but all done by hand! Tons of fun!


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