Sunday, May 22, 2011

Days 140-142: Where does the time go?

I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger as of late.  Once I broke the streak of posting every day, it is hard to be motivated to be sure I post even though I am creating up a storm.  I promise to be better.....I have lost "followers"....but I guess I am not really blogging so that I can count the number of "followers."  I do it to share the journey and to document it for myself and my family.  So here is what I have been doing since my last post....

With bead ball
I used my gift certificate to the YARN GARAGE given to me by my fam for mothers' day, and I bought some scrumptious cotton yarn that I am working into a "fast knit" pattern that is newish.  It is just a nice, light, open working lace pattern.  I ran a bead ball made my "Be Sweet" with the green cotton for half of the scarf and half will be just plain.  Depending on the day, I can display different parts of the scarf.....right?  We all have our different faces.

just plain gorgeousness!

I am sure I will finish this up tonight, and then wrap up in it and feel the mommy love!  Thanks family!

I have been working on my silver wire work and soldering skills, making a number of different forms and adding silver jump rings (soldered shut) to hang on a chain for pendants.  My trees have really turned out nicely and I have added hearts, open circles for wire wrapping beads, and dragonflies too.   I wore my large tree today and got lots of complements!  I will make more for sure!

I also wrapped up a couple of sets of serving utensils to match platters I sold as wedding gifts!  I wish I had thought to take pictures of the beaded serving ware with the platters they complement.....oh well, just take my word for it!  They match!


  1. Your works are amazing and crative. Thanks for sweet comments on my blog.

  2. Stunning art! Those beaded serve sets are just beautiful!

  3. I agree, the serving sets are fabulous. That would be a fantastic wedding gift to receive.


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