Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147: Out in the yard today, but just until it rains....again.

With company coming into town for the weekend, I felt compelled to try to mow the lawn before we no longer had time and/or the jungle grasses got tall enough to obscure our house from cars driving a two day adventure to mow the law commenced.  I drive slow on the riding thing as the bumpies do not make for happy back....but as I drove around the remaining hill on our lot today, I soaked in the sun as it peaked through the thickening clouds, drank my chilled cherry coke, and noshed on a sausage and peppers sandwich made by the corner Italian deli.  Although I am completely wipe out now, it was one of my most pleasant days!

The garden is about to explode with iris blooms!
The lilac bushes are heavy with their bounty!

My project today came from my reluctance to use a ginormous brown pot that I purchased cheaply a number of years ago when our house was BROWN.  I emptied the dirt out of it earlier this season to fill holes in the yard (thanks, doggies) and I was then thinking of what to do with it.....when I figured I would just repaint it and spruce it up for some pretty color around the front of the house.

Primer and cream spray paint......GO!
Rope and gorilla glue.....GO!
Dirt and pretties......GO!
Now I just need some tall spiky plants in the back and some pretty trailing plants along the edge.....otherwise, much much MUCH better!

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