Sunday, June 19, 2011

Days 167-169: Wet Felting Fun and Knitting Progress

I took a wet felting class today to make flowers....and VOILA!

What is even better, both kids went with me and had a great time as well! Thanks as always to StevenBe for hosting great classes! I see myself messing around more with this process in the coming weeks.
The teacher mentioned that felt has a memory, so shape it to dry. It struck me as clay also has a memory. Until I came to terms with this fact of physics, I always had warped clay tiles from picking them up before being leather hard. I would have bendy corners. Now I can have bendy flower pieces taking advantage of the same theory.

I think all art has a memory. At least it is the intention of most artists to speak through their art.

I also knit like a fool the last three days and have managed to start my second color for my sweater.

I might be able to finish this project by the end of next week?????

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Jerri Neddermeyer

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