Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 175: It never even occurred to me....?

It never even occurred to me that yarn color combinations would look so different outside in the sunshine than they do inside. I have just started the second half of my sweater, and I knew I needed a few rows of my original plum color as I was short just a few rows. I bought a fifth skein of the plum color, finished up my first half today, and ended up deciding to add a few rows of the plum into the base and ending rows to make the project work (we were out of the brownish color at the yarn store....DRAT!). I was happy enough with the spontaneous "design element" until I started working in my plum coloring outside at the kids' soccer....hmmmm. Are these really the colors I picked out? Then I second guessed myself, and yet, as I am working on it here at home, it looks just fine....or as I intended. Any thoughts?
I don't really have to commit until it comes time to doe the joining row after the weaving......but that is a lot of knitting to just set aside. I can always return to the yarn store and purchase 5, YES FIVE, skeins of another color for a gray or black. I originally picked this brownish color as it went toward the purple a bit, but now, I just am really doubting the combo.

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Jerri Neddermeyer

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