Friday, June 3, 2011

Days 153-154: More Silverwork with SHINY SHELLS and Beaded Serving Ware

I have spent the last couple of day working on beaded serving pieces and such.  Instead of using the soldering wire for the accents, I used twisted wire with burgundy and silver (plated, copper core) to complement the glazing combo I use most often for my pottery.

I had on hand some shell beads and used them with some red/rust colored beads to decorate this serving set.  The plate under is one I have in stock using my most popular glaze pattern.  I like the twisted wire and it is easier to deal with than the soldering wire which scuffs easily when using needle nose pliers.  I don't like the visible scratches!!!!  This is a much better option.

I worked on this setting for a long time and tried to be VERY CAREFUL when setting this painted shell bead, and about 20 seconds into setting it, I scratched the top!  I then had to polish off the painting and just go with the natural shell interior coloring.  Oops.  I think I just need to stop working with treated shell beads.....lesson learned.


  1. have you thought of making your own clay bead for your settings?

  2. I like the adorned serving set! Looks fantastic!


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