Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 166: Are we there yet?

Just as I am rounding the corner on one part of my pattern, I started thinking about the journey.....and wondering where "there" is, and do we ever really know it when we are there, or is it more after we have been there already and can look back on it with clarity?

I am some twenty-odd days from the halfway point on my 365 day goal, and I am still not sure what it is for. I know I just want to work toward something as I am a very product oriented person. I know I love learning have tried to explore the path or paths as they come. I have lived a slower and more intentional life since January of this year. I have tried to listen those in my family, my friends, myself, my inner self....
I have done some new things to make use of the talents I still have while not stressing about the strengths that have passed and are passing....I am finding other things I did not know were there at all....

Why is it that cats always seem so wise? I would bet that my cat knows why the pattern is written with the sweater in four pieces with seams on the shoulder instead of just continued knitting a solid piece over the shoulder.....but he isn't telling. He knows where it will all end up....hopefully not in a big ball of twine and yarn and unhappy knitting disgrace....but he keeps his thoughts to himself (unless of course he thinks I am late filling his food dish, then he tells me ALL about it) and let's me meander along the path blind and wide open.

Are we there yet?

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Jerri Neddermeyer

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