Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days 182-183: BAD DOG!

Just look at what my naughty dog did to my knitting!!!!!!!
I left it ON TOP OF MY DRESSER.....and now JUST LOOK AT IT!

These are the file folder notebook covers I made while disgusted with my dog....bah!

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Monday, June 27, 2011

Days 180-181: Duct Tape Flower Pens, Knitting Progress and Embellishments

I worked with the kids last night on a quick little project that I have done before and originally found on this lovely blog by Seven Sisters.  The kids went to town on making these and it was fun, quick, and I already had the supplies on hand from planning to make them a while back.  Sometimes I love when I don't follow through, then I just maintain an amazing stash and am ready to do a craft at any moment!  Bring on the rainy days!  I have solutions for the next month!
Here is my purple flower pen with added green leaves from the original ones on Seven Sisters.
 Proud pen producers: Sylvia and Felix
 I also spent nearly the whole day (a bad back day....yuck) in bed knitting this chord and stitching it to the bottom line of my super DUPER BULKY yarn shawl thingy.  I used an entire skein, and am only half way I guess a trip to the yarn store is in order as well.  I also am adding some beads to accent parts of the pattern.  I have a few different colors along the same idea to embellish this free form creation.  I am sharing this on Debbie's Newbie Party!  Thanks for hosting, Debbie!

Family Pictures

Here are some family pictures we had taken a few weeks back.  They made me see the joy that is our family and friends.......we are very very BLESSED!
 These are my kids and hubby, and below are my my sisters only we are closer.  Sisters fight....we don't.
And these are all of our hubbies and kids and such.....what a great way to live life!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Days 178-179: Felted Flowers

I have been busting out the felted flowers for the better part of two days (other than the time spent taxiing the children around to soccer camp, and other such domestic activities or course). I started just making felt pieces yesterday and collecting this stock pile of sheets of colorful woolen mats. I cut them and finished felting many of them today....check them out!

Here is my pile of "in progress" flowers being inspected carefully by kitty....

And of course, I am still working out knitting projects on the side....

Busy busy bee!

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Days 176-177: Now what?

I just couldn't take the sweater project, so I broke my rule on finishing one major project before starting another. I started working on a bulky yarn project (so it will go much faster than the sweater that I am fighting with) and it is all a solid color or rather a varied skein (so I don't have to deal with my worries over color coordination). The issue with this one is that the world is sorely short on great looking fashions for super DUPER bulky yarn, so I am working out an idea of my own which may not end up looking that super. I am going to give it a go anyway. Don't worry! The sweater and I haven't actually broken up for good. I will get back to it for sure! I just needed a break.

Also I have been working of felting flower is an array of ideas all struggling to dry out in the humid HUMID WON'T STOP RAINING FOR DAYS AND DAYS weather we have been having.

I pinched the inner pieces with a clip to give them shape while they dry.

I also added some beading and a clip to my flower from felting class. I am now completely DONE with that one!

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 175: It never even occurred to me....?

It never even occurred to me that yarn color combinations would look so different outside in the sunshine than they do inside. I have just started the second half of my sweater, and I knew I needed a few rows of my original plum color as I was short just a few rows. I bought a fifth skein of the plum color, finished up my first half today, and ended up deciding to add a few rows of the plum into the base and ending rows to make the project work (we were out of the brownish color at the yarn store....DRAT!). I was happy enough with the spontaneous "design element" until I started working in my plum coloring outside at the kids' soccer....hmmmm. Are these really the colors I picked out? Then I second guessed myself, and yet, as I am working on it here at home, it looks just fine....or as I intended. Any thoughts?
I don't really have to commit until it comes time to doe the joining row after the weaving......but that is a lot of knitting to just set aside. I can always return to the yarn store and purchase 5, YES FIVE, skeins of another color for a gray or black. I originally picked this brownish color as it went toward the purple a bit, but now, I just am really doubting the combo.

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Days 167-169: Wet Felting Fun and Knitting Progress

I took a wet felting class today to make flowers....and VOILA!

What is even better, both kids went with me and had a great time as well! Thanks as always to StevenBe for hosting great classes! I see myself messing around more with this process in the coming weeks.
The teacher mentioned that felt has a memory, so shape it to dry. It struck me as clay also has a memory. Until I came to terms with this fact of physics, I always had warped clay tiles from picking them up before being leather hard. I would have bendy corners. Now I can have bendy flower pieces taking advantage of the same theory.

I think all art has a memory. At least it is the intention of most artists to speak through their art.

I also knit like a fool the last three days and have managed to start my second color for my sweater.

I might be able to finish this project by the end of next week?????

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 166: Are we there yet?

Just as I am rounding the corner on one part of my pattern, I started thinking about the journey.....and wondering where "there" is, and do we ever really know it when we are there, or is it more after we have been there already and can look back on it with clarity?

I am some twenty-odd days from the halfway point on my 365 day goal, and I am still not sure what it is for. I know I just want to work toward something as I am a very product oriented person. I know I love learning have tried to explore the path or paths as they come. I have lived a slower and more intentional life since January of this year. I have tried to listen those in my family, my friends, myself, my inner self....
I have done some new things to make use of the talents I still have while not stressing about the strengths that have passed and are passing....I am finding other things I did not know were there at all....

Why is it that cats always seem so wise? I would bet that my cat knows why the pattern is written with the sweater in four pieces with seams on the shoulder instead of just continued knitting a solid piece over the shoulder.....but he isn't telling. He knows where it will all end up....hopefully not in a big ball of twine and yarn and unhappy knitting disgrace....but he keeps his thoughts to himself (unless of course he thinks I am late filling his food dish, then he tells me ALL about it) and let's me meander along the path blind and wide open.

Are we there yet?

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Days 164-165: Trunk Show with felted treasures, and small everyday pleasures

I attended a trunk show last night hosted by Steven Be at his Minneapolis store with felted imports from Kyrgyzstan. Check out this company with wonderfully detailed hand work in

I bought a hat with a lovely rose imbedded rather than attached....

I also bought a flower pin with very rough felting....I was drawn to the organic look and semi-crusty feel....

The kids and I visited kitties for a nice morning of simple pleasures....I love baby kitties!!!!!

And finally, the last two days have yielded some knitting progress....not so exciting, but progress....

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 163: I didn't set out to knit this much.....

I really didn't intend to be knitting this much, but no sooner did I finish one fairly lengthy we go again.

I bought a Nicky Epstein book called ENCHANTING COLLECTION that was based entirely on her use of Aslan Trends Yarn. There isn't one pattern inn there that I don't intend to make, and this one is at the top of my list. I even bought the yarn when I bought the book, and I have a general rule to keep the stash to a minimum by buying yarn only a project at a time. I have spent the last several weeks beating back the free yarn I scored in my swag bag, and now I am officially making projects that call to me in my sleep! If you are a knitter (or a crochet lover), and you haven't become acquainted with Nicky's vast arsenal of great patterns and design work....get thee to a library immediately or computer immediately! Your yarn life will be forever changed.

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days 161-162: FINITO!

I just finished my last stitch on my shawl, and I pray that tomorrow may be a slightly chilly day so that I may sport it comfortably all day.

Last night, I went to hear Carmina Burana performed by the Minnesota Symphony, and was treated by a bonus I didn't know was on the program.....Copland's Appalachian Spring....two of my all time favorite pieces on the same program....and I had never heard either of them in their original form live. I took my daughter, and we met seven former students there. I really enjoyed watching a group of kids that "geeked" out to partake in live orchestra music.....somewhere along the way, I was really blessed to get to see them go through their musical journeys! To top things off, I reconnected with my oboe professor from my college years who still is principal oboe for MN Orchestra. My daughter treated meeting him like she was meeting a super star, and with the beauty of his playing on those two pieces.....I think he is a super star!

Sometimes my music life continues to peak in above the comings and goings of everyday life.

As for knitting, I spent several hours fringing this beauty, and here are the photos to prove it! Shawl, FINITO!!!!

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161: Going gray on fringe

I am going gray as I work on is such a slow process that totally make the end product extra cool. Slow and steady wins the race....and I keep going back and forth between adding knitted rows and adding fringe so I end without any scraps when it is all said and done.

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Days 159-160: Shawl progress and fringe loops

I am much closer to finishing my shawl....I asked my hubby what he thought of the project and his response was a thoughtful look followed by, "I guess I don't like color as much as you do.". Not the response I was looking for, but my question was open and I can't fairly be I just giggle and rephrase saying, "I would like you to praise my project now." and then he does.....and I am happy. It is just like prefacing a conversation with, "I need to vent.". The listener then knows that an open ear and perhaps a language filter are what is ideas yet on a solution, just listening without the need for any personal input.

I should finish the project tomorrow, and perhaps another day or so for fringe. I modified my Nicky Epstein lo fringe to start it straight on the edge of the shawl and doing it in color chunks. It looks really great!

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Days 157-158: Knitting Until it is big enough....

I started a shawls today....just like the square worked from the corner and increasing each end on right sides....and then I just keep knitting until it is big enough. I don't have to count stitches and I throw a bobble or purl row in whenever I feel like it, but mostly I just let the ball of yarn shine. The first ball is a free one from my swag bag, and I am now working through a gold and brown ball that I bought a while back. I suspect I will need a skein of some sort of edging fringe to go all around....but I will deal with that when I get there.

I am feeling a little out of sorts, and I think that I will just rest some from the company we have had in our home. I love having family around, and it is funny as it used to stress me out I just wish all of our family lived closer. It seems as thought the "village" idea really appeals to me in recent years. Struggles are always easier with the support of family and friends.

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Jerri Neddermeyer

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 156: Necklace....that is it really

Stone Beads
Yesterday was a long day of not feeling quite right.  I bought "old lady" shoes that had back support and such....they were cute enough, and far cuter than "old lady" shoes used to be, so I should consider myself lucky.  I found these supplies for inspiration today.....

Little silver loopy allows me to exchange

glass pieces for $1 each....weeeee!

And this is a necklace I made for my mother-in-law to take to a friend whose signature is chunky jewelery.....cutie patootie!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 155: Knit Movie Starlet Scarf

I saw this pattern from a kit in my free swag bag.....thought I would try it out.  Looked to me like a starlet's scarf to tie around the neck, only not silk...and knit.....and WAY too hot for the 80+ raging temperatures of the last couple of days, but still, I knit.

It really was a fast project and I will probably adorn it with further beading or a pin or a re-purposed ear bob.....for now, I just laugh at the pic of me wearing a white tank top and a neck warmer made of alpaca yarn yumminess.  I feel pretty silly! 

I also chopped my hair off completely deciding to be okay with my grays and cut off the last evidence of my former highlighting frenzy.  Nice length for summer, and makes my head lighter=)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Days 153-154: More Silverwork with SHINY SHELLS and Beaded Serving Ware

I have spent the last couple of day working on beaded serving pieces and such.  Instead of using the soldering wire for the accents, I used twisted wire with burgundy and silver (plated, copper core) to complement the glazing combo I use most often for my pottery.

I had on hand some shell beads and used them with some red/rust colored beads to decorate this serving set.  The plate under is one I have in stock using my most popular glaze pattern.  I like the twisted wire and it is easier to deal with than the soldering wire which scuffs easily when using needle nose pliers.  I don't like the visible scratches!!!!  This is a much better option.

I worked on this setting for a long time and tried to be VERY CAREFUL when setting this painted shell bead, and about 20 seconds into setting it, I scratched the top!  I then had to polish off the painting and just go with the natural shell interior coloring.  Oops.  I think I just need to stop working with treated shell beads.....lesson learned.