Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alternative Firing

Kind of Horse Hair, partially fired first with copper, partially smoked on the bottom, and re-fired a couple of times until I was finally happy with the results. I omitted the pictures of the one icky pot and the two broken ones so there is no evidence of my indecisive approach to firing today. Bottom line, I was experimenting with something new in preparation for a class, and my ideas just made a big mess and necessitated firing again and again.

I also finished with floor wax which I don't usually use....kinda dig the shiny:)

I have an upcoming sale in three weeks, and getting everything in order makes my "to do" list quite long! I am also opening my online marketplace associated with my website on November 24th!
There are so many details beyond pottery to making a business work well!

I made these pots with wide shoulders to experiment with laying the pots on a bed of newspaper to smoke the bottom while decorating the top of the pot with horse hair. The shadow makes the photo of the finished pot look like it just grows from the background. I like the picture almost more than I like the pot itself!

Classic pots....

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