Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 187: Finishing Projects, and Knit Block

I worked on adding backs and finishing up several felt flower parts together into beautiful blossoms.....tada!

My favorite is the three layered purple/blue one.....I left that one scrunched up in a pony holder to dry forever and the edges kept the wrinkled look! Ignore the big hair of mine sitting right in the center of the photo.....didn't notice that when I took the pics and I am not going to run down and retake them now!

I also have been working on more blocks from KNITTING BLOCK BY BLOCK by Nicky Epstein. I am using some colors I bought a while back thinking that I would need to make new pillows for my new sofa (IF IT EVER COMES). I will likely add them to other fabrics for the finished pillow, but here is the start of my blocks.

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Jerri Neddermeyer

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