Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 184: I will just pick up where I left off

I have been a very busy girl this last week.... both on and off
the creativity journey. My mom came into town to help with the kids so the hubby and I could tend to the family and friends around for funeral business. She worked on a few projects this week too and I wanted to share them too....

I worked on wrapped wire rings too, but mine didn't turn out as nicely so I will post this pic of my mom's rings. I made a couple like the spiral one with crystals around the outside, but they turned out pretty funky. More practice.....

This is a bracelet she made too, basically a right angle weave. I am working on some earrings made from the leftover beads.
I finally got around to making this bracelet from a kit I bought a while back.
I love the bright colors of the felt balls. I made the charms and the earrings from loop pins, felt balls and beads. It was really fun!

I also finished knitting my long project. is as finished as it can get when you run out of yarn before getting to the sleeves....I am working on closures now, but the sleeves are TBD.

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