Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obvara Firing

We (my Thursday morning class at the Eagan Art House) had an Obvara firing today and came away with some fantastic results!!!!! We had a variety of different clay bodies and we achieved a range or results by changing the time before dipping hot pots into the Obvara mix and also the speed to quench the changing surface with cool water.

This is one of mine that I let cool a bit before dipping in the Obvara mixture and then quickly into water to quench before blackening. This one did not get any mixture inside and the rim remained the raw clay color (in this case, white clay). The circle on the right side near the run is the tong mark.

This one was quenched more slowly and thus has a darker finish. I dunked the pot entirely in the Obvara mix so the inside is speckled as well.

These three were all textured pots instead of smooth. The taller bottle has a line that I dipped, held in the mix at that level for a few seconds, then quickly up to the rim before quenching in water. These three were the last pots out of the kiln, so were the coolest pots of the batch.

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